Ryan Joyner

Ryan Joyner - Developer

Ryan is self-taught developer who has a passion for building things. While working in the military and as a public servant, he began building websites of his own as a hobby and invested in several personal domains. Through the process of watching countless online tutorials, reading books and lots of trial and error, he began building static html websites. Once he established a solid foundation of the basics, he moved on to working with more dynamic data and responsive designs.

It didn't take long to realize his interest and skill went beyond side projects so he began his own small business. During that time, he also focused on search engine optimization techniques to help improve the visibility of his projects. When a client tasks him to be the first website in search for their unique niche - Ryan uses best practices in web development and SEO to make that happen.

He came on board at ByteJam in 2015, creating websites for Northern Neck Insurance, GAAP Dynamics and others. Over the years, his projects have given him experience working with PHP, MySQL, jQuery, ProcessWire, WordPress, MODx, Sencha Touch, Unity, Ionic, Foundation, Bootstrap, Git and some others as well. When not finding ways to build better websites using those technologies, he's learning about new ones. He is committed to the understanding that knowledge is power and strives to learn something new every day.

When not sitting in front of his computer developing websites and learning from the team here at ByteJam, Ryan spends time with his wife and their four-legged fur children. He's an expert when it comes to eating healthy and living large.

Decide what to be and go be it.