Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson - Technical Director

Rob was an award-winning programmer while still in elementary school. Although he continued these pursuits as an Echols Scholar at the University of Virginia, a professor urged him to pursue a (seemingly oxymoronic) career in philosophy. Instead, he chose a third path and became an attorney in the family business.

Rob practiced law for five years, but the siren song of the dot com boom was too strong, and he returned to his first love, programming computers. After a gig at CIBER consulting with various government agencies, Rob landed at ByteJam in 2000.

Rob’s work at ByteJam over the last fifteen years has run the gamut. He’s created and supported systems for clients in many industries, including health care, banking, consumer appliance, automotive, tourism and government sectors. He’s worked with a myriad of different technologies. He is well-versed on both the Linux and Windows operating systems, and has done considerable development in .NET, PHP, Java as well as a host of other platforms. He has years of experience with both Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL databases. He has created custom content management systems and has a wealth of expertise in many commercially available CMS packages as well, including MODX, WordPress, Magento, and many others. His current specialty is e-commerce and B2B systems integrations.

Rob holds a variety of industry certifications, including those for Java and Microsoft technologies.

When he’s not writing code or mentoring others who do the same, he can be found embarrassing his children or yelling at the TV during Arsenal matches.

The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today.