Lin Borkey

Lin Borkey - President

Throughout his thirty-year career, Lin has worked in all aspects of online marketing and IT. He comes from a traditional IT background, working in all aspects of the business from mainframe engineer to app developer. Following a stint heading up the interactive arm of The Martin Agency, Lin started ByteJam with one client, Saab USA, in the back of his house.

Since then, he’s steadily built ByteJam into a well-respected online marketing firm and production resource. A fierce believer in the power of technology, he moves effortlessly between the roles of developer and marketer, bringing the two worlds together in a way that’s impactful, durable and results-driven.

As ByteJam moves into its third decade, Lin sees the future in the maturation of e-commerce and social marketing. As these disciplines become even more pervasive and ubiquitous, Lin is well-positioned to lead ByteJam as a significant player in bringing these services to companies large and small, across the world.

Be forewarned, if you ask him what his favorite movie is, you'll get an hour-long lecture of mind-numbing details, arcane references, pointless anecdotes and no straight answer whatsoever. Because it's nuanced, you know. You'll honestly want to chew your arm off to escape.


The things you own end up owning you.