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website fix

So Many Errors, so Little Time. Help Me Fix My Website!

We can you hear screaming "help me fix my website!" Don't panic. Here’s a checklist to get your site up and running again without making it worse. Pronto.

website audit checklist

Quit Procrastinating! An Easy SEO Website Audit Checklist

Worried about SEO? Are your page snippets on point and alt tags in place? Fear no more. Here's a complete checklist for your next website content audit.

outsourcing web development

Is Outsourcing Web Development the Right Choice?

Deciding about outsourcing web development isn't a simple decision. Here's a roundup of all the factors to consider - from cost to expertise.

above the fold website design

Website Design Basics: Is "Above the Fold" Still Important?

With a myriad of screen sizes, resolutions and responsive design methods, is the concept of "above the fold" in website design still an important concept?

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