Chris Hunter

Chris Hunter - Developer

Christopher N. Hunter is a software development engineer with a strong background in content development and project management. He develops, manages and maintains multiple websites, and has produced creative content and guided development teams to successful completion of projects. Chris serves as a client liaison, educating clients on all aspects of content, site maintenance and marketing strategies. He conducts new technology research and development.

Throughout his career, Chris has created innovative, cutting-edge products and is known as a pioneer in the interactive entertainment industry. He is a developer of content for several Fortune 500 companies, including Walt Disney Corporation, Warner Brothers, Sega Corporation, NBC, Fox Kids, the Virginia Lottery and other major internet properties, coordinating every aspect of projects from concept to delivery. Chris got his start developing and managing online game sites. He created one of the first game sites on the internet in 1996 called GameLand. Creating over 80 games and thousands of daily visitors. His knowledge in building games has been helpful in developing other web applications such as mobile apps, and interactive kiosk. If you can build games, you can build anything.

Skills include PHP, .net, MySQL, JQuery, WordPress, MODx, Flash and many others. While not coding or creating new games, Chris enjoys riding motorcycles with his wife, restoring his 1965 Mustang, raising chicken and working in his garden. Chris always enjoys a challenge, whether it is fixing something around the house, rebuilding machines, or figuring out how to make something work. This is what brought him into programming. If there is a software problem, he loves trying to fix it.

Think outside the box? I don't even have a box!