About Us

Mostly harmless...

who we are

ByteJam is a team of makers, planners and problem solvers. We partner with agencies to develop online presences with an eye on making our work work through automation, continuous improvement and measurable results. We try to eschew the gimmicky, the techno babble, the flavor of the day in favor of real, robust, considered work that provides true value.

how we started

How many firms can say that they opened their doors with a car company? Probably more than we think, but it still sounds impressive. Saab, the renowned and iconic maker of oddly-engineered cars for bearded college professors and Northeast liberals, was our first client when we hung out our shingle back in 1998. And while Saab was rear-ended into the junkyard, we weren’t. It’s been onward and upward for us with an august roster of agency partners.

Our Team

Talent, brains, looks…it’s a wonder we don’t spontaneously combust from the sheer raw power of our awesomeness. We also rarely sit still long enough for new pictures and being virtual, it’s a bit tough to consistently capture our joie de vivre. So just picture 12 young turks making a difference and keeping it real. We’ll get to this eventually.

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